Recording electric piano: Sending Midi from Qlab to Electric Piano.

Equipment you need

  • USB to MIDI interface

  • Audio interface

  • DI Box

  • 2* TS cable, 10-25 feet long

  • 2*XLR cable, 10-25 feet long

  • Computer

  • Digital Recording Program


1.Export Yor midi file.

-I export midi file from Logic.

-Make sure you have 1 bar gab before the music begins.

Because the top of the track has a wire tempo adjust. To avoid that you need to make a gap 1 bar before the music starts.

2. Qlab Set up/ midi set up

-Connect your midi interface to the keyboard and your computer.

-Turn on your Keyboard.

-import midi file to Qlab

-Send midi cue to your midi interface. I using "imo" MIDI to USB.

3.Recording Set Up

-Connect your audio interface to your computer with digital recording program like Logic, Live, Nuendo, etc.

-Patch Cable from Keyboard to Audio interface.

Keyboard out put -> TS cables -> DI box -> XLR cables -> Audio interface


-Hit record in Logic that is what I use.

-Hit GO in Qlab.

That should be it!!