As a Sound artist, I want to produce a show that starts from Sound. I want to explore how could sound lead the performance like a text scrip.

I always start writing my music or making sound from a scrips of plays or seeing the device pieces rehearsal. Start writing music without any guiding is very challenging for me, so I need some story line to follow. I have been inspired by the story of Tarot card. The image of the card contain story and meaning that anyone can interpret indifferent way. The Tarot is a map of our unconscious mind, making the imaginary happen. It speaks in the language of symbols, the language of unconscious, and when approached in the right manner it may open the hidden thought of our own mine. Story about the stage of life that we have in common. Tarot contain the countless variations of human choice and possibility.

I want to experiment on this possibility making the show that will be different every time depend on the audience. Let the audience choose their card and decide what the show will be each time.