Noah Jackson, Julius Rodriguez, Hsinwei Chiang, Melanie Dyer, and Leonor Falcon 


 Rachel Hustell,  Ghalib Kayali, Claire Kretzschmar, Lars Nelson, Cassia Wilson and Silas Farley

Practicing Silence at GRACE FARM

The work is being developed in response to poet Ilya Kaminsky's unpublished manuscript Deaf Republic, as well as and lectures and writings by scholar Peter Bouteneff of the Arvo Pärt Project at St. Vladimir's Seminary. The creative team includes: choreographer Silas Farley, dancers Rachel Hutsell, Ghaleb Kayali, Claire Kretzschmar, and Lars Nelson of the New York City Ballet, and dancer Cassia Wilson of Ballet Austin; composer and sound designer Pornchanok Kanchanabanca; bassist and cellist Noah Jackson with The Ase Quartet; pianist and drummer Julius Rodriguez; poet Ilya Kaminsky; and scholar and author Peter Bouteneff. 

Practicing, the signature program of the Foundation’s Arts Initiative, is led by Kenyon Victor Adams, Arts Initiative Director and a performance artist, director, and poet.The ongoing series brings together individuals working at the intersection of the visual, literary, and performing arts to examine universal subjects, such as empathy, awe, and now silence. These collaborative, site-specific works are shared with the public following an extended workshop at Grace Farms.