I’m with you in Rockland: Yale Cabaret

“Howl,” a poem written in 1955 and published as part of his 1956 collection, “Howl and Other Poems,” is best remembered “as an ecstatic lament over the plight of the artist” in society, points out the Yale Cabaret. The downtown New Haven theater is mounting five performances of “I’m with you in Rockland,” inspired by Ginsberg’s life and work, including “Howl,”

Creative Team

Kevin Hourigan, director and production designer; Jason Najjoum and Rachel Shuey, co-producers; Elizabeth Mak, lighting designer; Nok Kanchanabanca, sound designer; Michael Commendatore, projections designer; Avery Trunko, stage manager; Rae Powell, technical director; Ian Gottlieb, Dylan Mattingly, composers; Baize Buzan, Ricardo Dávila, Lucie Dawkins, Tori Sampson, additional contributing writers

Performers: Josh Goulding, Alteronce Gumby, Kevin Hourigan, Helen Jaksch, Lynda Paul, Nahuel Telleria, Avery Trunko; Musicians: Ian Gottlieb, Fred Kennedy, Dylan Mattingly