Creative Team

Directed by Kate Bergstrom 

Scenic designer: Brian Dudkiewicz
Costume designer: Ntokozo Fuzunina Kunene
Lighting designer: Jen Rock
Sound designer: Pornchanok Kanchanabanca 


A Map of Virtue is a symmetrical play guided by a bird statue, pivoting around an encounter with and dissection of evil. Part interview, part comedy, part middle-night-middle-forest horror story.

"The play was haunting me - like it was stuck in my gut, for a long time. I described it to my friends as a lover and a kidney stone," said director Kate Bergstrom '18. "America is full of unresolved, chilling-horribly traumatic events happening all of the time and people are finding themselves unable to effectively act on or talk about them- myself included. I think A Map of Virtue speaks to me because it deeply, personally holds a kind of love mixed with a loss of innocence, a kind of secret, childlike belief in fate and also a sense of needing to and being unable to talk about trauma."