by Wishnok

Sarah Ruhl’s Eurydice is written in movements - a poetic symphony of love, loss, memory and rhythm. It is elemental, grounded in earth with two movements set in the Underworld, home of the Stones. If Eurydice is water, Orpheus is air - the musician “too busy listening to his own thoughts.” The Lord of the Underworld is unpredictable fire, appearing as The Nasty Interesting Man and Child. Then there is the Father - Eurydice’s touchstone and her Tree. 

Director: Helene Kvale

Composer & Sound Designer: Pornchanok Kanchanabanca

Scenic Designer: Katherine Paik 

Costume Designer: Jelena Antanasijevic 

Technical Director: Greg Maine

Stage Manager: Jason Swift

Lighting Designer: Danielle Verkennes

Dramaturg: Emma Mathieu

Movement Coach: Marie Percy

Voice & Text Coach: Jennifer Scapetis-Tycer